Overview of Rupali Investment Limited

Rupali investment Limited (RIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupali Bank limited. RIL obtained license from the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) to act as a full fledged Merchant Bank to carry out all the Merchant Banking operations under the BSEC (Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager) regulations, 1996 and started its journey on 09 August 2010. The Company has a separate Board of Directors consisting of 11 (Eleven) members. Other than Chief Executive Officer (CEO), all the Directors are non-executive and independent, 6 (six) of whom are nominated by RBL and the other six are nominated from the private sector by the holding company, Rupali Bank limited.


To become a leading merchant bank in Bangladesh by providing  superior and quality merchant banking services to our valuable investors.


Our mission is to

  • Develop sustainable partnership through delivering innovative solution to our clients immediate and long term needs.
  • Achieve the maximum economic value from the optimum resources utilization.
  • Create value through uncovering opportunity and success for our stakeholders.
  • Expand market horizon to achieve a sustainable growth.

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop a customer oriented service culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience.
  • To lead the company to a new height by increasing the market share following a disciplined growth strategy.
  • To leverage our technology platform and pen scalable systems to achieve cost-effective operations, efficient MIS, improved delivery capability and high service standards.
  • To develop cost effective but innovative services that attracts our targeted customers and market segments.
  • To maintain a high quality assets portfolio to achieve strong and sustainable returns to maximize shareholders’ value.
  • To explore new avenues for growth and profitability

Core Values

  • Focus to the Customer- we value and care for our customer’s needs.
  • Integrity and trustworthiness– we uphold integrity and trustworthiness in our every business operations.
  • Transparency – we always maintain highest level of transparency to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Innovation – we promote creativity.
  • Sustainability – we do business to achieve for long term goal.
  • Community -We contribute to our society by being active, responsible and generous as a corporate citizen.
  • Team work -We work together to deliver excellent services to our stakeholders.
  • Environment – we are devoted to create green environment on earth.