Key Information

Required Document to open an Investment Account:

  • 2 (two) copies of PP size photographs of applicant (with name written on the other side) attested by the introducer.
  • 1 (one) copy of PP size photograph of Nominee of the account.
  • Bank Certificate / Bank account transaction statement.
  • Applicant valid Passport copy / National ID card / Birth Certificate / Nationality Certificate.

Important Guideline:

  • The introducer needs to have an investment account in RIL or officer of Rupali  Bank having PA can introduce.
  • Persons of unsound mind or minors are not eligible to open an investment account.
  • Maximum Two accounts can be opened One in the name of the individuals and other jointly.
  • The account holder required to physically present while opening investment account.
  • Initial deposit for opening an Investment account is Tk. 2 (Two) lac.
  • Documentation charge, Account opening form and stamp duty comprises Tk. 1000 (One Thousand).
  • Corporate account can be opened in RIL with the submission of relevant documents

 Interest, Fees and Commission: 

  • Portfolio Management Charge:

              Total portfolio value per annum with a minimum charge of TK 500.00

  • Interest on Margin Loan :

              Interest Rate : 13 %

              Mode of charging interest : Quarterly

  • Sattlement Charge: 

              0.40 % on the value of traded securities.