Rupali Investment Limited

Rupali investment Limited (RIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupali Bank limited. RIL obtained license from the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) to act as a full fledged Merchant Bank to carry out all the Merchant Banking operations under the BSEC (Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager) regulations, 1996 and started its journey on 09 August 2010. The Company has a separate Board of Directors consisting of 9 (Nine) members. Other than Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

RIL has the following unique advantages to carry out its merchant banking operation:

  •  Adequate Capital base.
  • Excellent working environment.
  • Adequate experts and professionals.
  • Large number of skilled manpower.
  • Adequate infrastructure and logistic support with up to date computerized facilities.


  • To carry out merchant banking activities including issue management, underwriting and portfolio management with a view to develop a strong capital market;
  • To widen the scope and area of investment by mobilizing savings of small and medium level investors thereby generating demand for securities;
  • To achieve high quality in issue management and thereby facilitating the capital market with adequate supply of securities;
  • To infuse professionalism and efficiency in portfolio management;
  • To establish perfect combination of high quality purchase – sell execution capabilities and create a large network among investors and broker community.